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Legal Opinion Letter

Theodosia A. Tamborlane, P.C.
Counselors At Law

To Whom It May Concern:

This firm has reviewed the laws of all states regarding advance directives, commonly referred to as living wills. We have also reviewed the Policies and Procedures of U.S. Living Will Registry. Based upon our review, we have arrived at the opinion that there are no legal impediments to reliance on living wills which your hospital would receive by facsimile transmission from U.S. Living Will Registry.

State and federal law require physicians and hospital personnel to determine whether a patient has an advance directive and, if so, to obtain a copy for the patient’s record. U.S. Living Will Registry is the only nationwide service designed to help hospitals meet their legal obligations to their patients regarding advance directives and to ensure that hospital personnel have accurate information on the advance directives of the patients to whom they provide care.

Sincerely yours,

Counselors at Law

Theodosia A. Tamborlane, Esq.